Thursday, 17 July 2008

Maganda Girl Prelude

Hello! welcome to maganda girl, and your gorgeous host is me, Camaybraham ;p. An inside look inside my mind and the various things that amuse it (which is alot!) Here's a lil list of the things that just make my heart a-flutter.
enjoi! *-* V



girls with beach/bedhead hair (aka Erin Wasson)

the idea of bathing in milk-hey if cleopatra can do it, so can i!

j-rock/visual kei style

*indian and asian models-so gorgeous!!!

ganguro girls

punk fashion

scene girls (love their style HATE their personalities)

japanese nail art


parisian fashion mags

the idea of secret societies

hip hop/nu-rave style

talentless internet it girls (why, i dont know...)

cute bento-box lunches

latex ANYTHING (yes i am very kinky :o)

reading biographies of fashion designers (yet ironically never becoming a fan of their clothes...)

strawberry or choco

architectural heels

crazy colored hair

anything that shines, shimmers and glitters!


drinking non-alcoholic drinks in alcoholic glasses
two words : christian siriano

japanese horror movies

ghetto gay boys

movies about friends who go on an epic journey involving drugs, sex or alcohol

the fact that Audrey Hepburn jazz danced in 'funnyface'

the fact that you actually read this idiotic list and hopefully read more posts to come!

ciao piscow!

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