Sunday, 30 November 2008

update on my well being

three thanksgivings, no black friday shopping , and a trip to see the onion volcano!

back on the Hollywood lot

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Keeping it Sexy before All Turkeys Eve

So I celebrated my last day of fashion school and my first day of thanksgiving break, with my animal friends Fox, Bee, and the ghetto fabulous Ms. Faqui-qui Jones, at the newly renovated Thai Talay restaurant.

It has instantly become my new favourite Thai restaurant, as its not decorated in a stereotypical theme of fake asian imports and assorted plastic flora, but has this cool, modern, lounge feel to it-very sexy. Oh but the sexiness didnt stop there as I looked over their menu and found the most sensual little dish I ever laid my big brown eyes on....

The whole night me and my little party were trying to figure out why this
delicious little plate of spicy sweet shrimp and lettuce were so sexy. Eventually we solved this seafood salad mystery,but unfortunately Fox ate the evidence prior to further inspection. (*hint: the shrimp slightly resembled a certain "downtown", if you know what I mean*)

After an hour or so of uncontrollable laughter filled with sexy shrimp in my tummy, I eagerly drove to my wonderfully crazy hometown, a.k.a hick town USA, and experienced mind altering euphoria and an intense game of mario kart with the boi at the PI Rho House.

Currently awaiting thanksgiving dinner (pinoy style) and black friday. Oh I can taste eggrolls and the blood and sweat of maniacal shoppers in the air mmmmmm

Sunday, 23 November 2008

I <3 Shirin Neshat

First found out about her in my contemporary art class and immediately became intrigued by her work and the artist herself. An Iranian video artist, Shirin, moved from her homeland to the states for college where she received her BA, MA, and MFA at UC Berkley (university of california).

Her short films focus on her personal experiences of being exiled from Iran, and refers to the social, cultural and religious codes of muslim societies and the complexity of certain oppositions, such as man and woman. Her video works, Rapture, Zarin, and (my favourite) Turbulent, all concentrate on these ideas.

Along with her beautiful film shots, is her beautiful way of dressing. I admire how her style represents her eastern background, with the ornate jewelry and Cleopatra-like eyeliner she likes to sport around. Its simple yet elegant against her black attire alongside her penchant for exotic accessories.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

From bleached out blonde to violet gem

So I wanted to have a change, and decided to saturate my beloved tresses my favourite colour! PURPLE!! Or as the little bottle says "violet gem". And I.............


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Lesson Learned

Fun fact that I learned in fashion:

did you know........


that spider silk is is the strongest fiber in the world?
stronger than a bullet proof vest?

as we speak military engineers are testing the prototypes of spider silk infused, bullet-proof vests. Developed by a scientist who injected the dna, that makes spider produce this silk, into a goat and then extracting the protein from the goat's milk into a man-made spider silk. Now that is amazing.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Procrastination at its finest

I promise many more posts to come (I swear!)Photobucket
I would like to say that my life has been super busy.....Photobucket but that would be a bull-face lie!
ahh but I"m not saying that I havent done anything!

I have:
  • finally seen my sister, who went to Japan and her Japanese friend (so cute!)Photobucket
  • got a bunch of cute swag from Harajuku in Japan-arigoto lil sis!
  • been getting ready to move into my new apartment
  • and embarking on a whole bunch of lil projects for myself [sewing, art, and this I suppose!]Photobucket

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Italy's take on a Japanese Horror Icon

i always thought kayako (scary japanese lady) from the movie "The Grudge" or the japanese version "Ju-On" , was so beautiful in a eerie, creepy sort of way and when i stumbled upon these gorgeous photos from Italian vogue i knew Franca Sozzani had similiar thoughts to mine.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Maganda Girl Prelude

Hello! welcome to maganda girl, and your gorgeous host is me, Camaybraham ;p. An inside look inside my mind and the various things that amuse it (which is alot!) Here's a lil list of the things that just make my heart a-flutter.
enjoi! *-* V



girls with beach/bedhead hair (aka Erin Wasson)

the idea of bathing in milk-hey if cleopatra can do it, so can i!

j-rock/visual kei style

*indian and asian models-so gorgeous!!!

ganguro girls

punk fashion

scene girls (love their style HATE their personalities)

japanese nail art


parisian fashion mags

the idea of secret societies

hip hop/nu-rave style

talentless internet it girls (why, i dont know...)

cute bento-box lunches

latex ANYTHING (yes i am very kinky :o)

reading biographies of fashion designers (yet ironically never becoming a fan of their clothes...)

strawberry or choco

architectural heels

crazy colored hair

anything that shines, shimmers and glitters!


drinking non-alcoholic drinks in alcoholic glasses
two words : christian siriano

japanese horror movies

ghetto gay boys

movies about friends who go on an epic journey involving drugs, sex or alcohol

the fact that Audrey Hepburn jazz danced in 'funnyface'

the fact that you actually read this idiotic list and hopefully read more posts to come!

ciao piscow!