Thursday, 27 November 2008

Keeping it Sexy before All Turkeys Eve

So I celebrated my last day of fashion school and my first day of thanksgiving break, with my animal friends Fox, Bee, and the ghetto fabulous Ms. Faqui-qui Jones, at the newly renovated Thai Talay restaurant.

It has instantly become my new favourite Thai restaurant, as its not decorated in a stereotypical theme of fake asian imports and assorted plastic flora, but has this cool, modern, lounge feel to it-very sexy. Oh but the sexiness didnt stop there as I looked over their menu and found the most sensual little dish I ever laid my big brown eyes on....

The whole night me and my little party were trying to figure out why this
delicious little plate of spicy sweet shrimp and lettuce were so sexy. Eventually we solved this seafood salad mystery,but unfortunately Fox ate the evidence prior to further inspection. (*hint: the shrimp slightly resembled a certain "downtown", if you know what I mean*)

After an hour or so of uncontrollable laughter filled with sexy shrimp in my tummy, I eagerly drove to my wonderfully crazy hometown, a.k.a hick town USA, and experienced mind altering euphoria and an intense game of mario kart with the boi at the PI Rho House.

Currently awaiting thanksgiving dinner (pinoy style) and black friday. Oh I can taste eggrolls and the blood and sweat of maniacal shoppers in the air mmmmmm

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