Sunday, 23 November 2008

I <3 Shirin Neshat

First found out about her in my contemporary art class and immediately became intrigued by her work and the artist herself. An Iranian video artist, Shirin, moved from her homeland to the states for college where she received her BA, MA, and MFA at UC Berkley (university of california).

Her short films focus on her personal experiences of being exiled from Iran, and refers to the social, cultural and religious codes of muslim societies and the complexity of certain oppositions, such as man and woman. Her video works, Rapture, Zarin, and (my favourite) Turbulent, all concentrate on these ideas.

Along with her beautiful film shots, is her beautiful way of dressing. I admire how her style represents her eastern background, with the ornate jewelry and Cleopatra-like eyeliner she likes to sport around. Its simple yet elegant against her black attire alongside her penchant for exotic accessories.

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